Granting Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in The WHH Foundation. We ask that those interested in seeking a grant first read this outline in order to ascertain if your proposal coincides with the granting interests of the Foundation.

Who May Apply:

Given the overwhelming demand and our limited resources, we are accepting proposals only from those who have been invited to do so. At this time, it is necessary to have a member of the WHH Foundation Board act as referee on your behalf.

Types of Grants:

When considering grant proposals the WHH Foundation favors proposals related to the development of human capital in the areas of education, health, the arts, and community-building; single-year as opposed to multi-year proposals; supporting matching grants.

Proposals requesting funds for an organization’s operating costs and capital investment are not favored.

Grants are awarded on the basis of merit, educational importance, relevance to program goals, and cost-effectiveness.

Personal Involvement:

Trustees of the WHH Foundation are required to be, in some way, personally involved with the organization for which they are seeking funding.  This requirement is true for any party seeking a grant from the Foundation.

The WHH Foundation has the following limitations:

The Foundation makes grants to nonprofit charitable organizations classified as 501(c)(3) public charities by the Internal Revenue Service. The Foundation does not support for-profit corporations or individuals.

The Foundation does not make grants intended to support candidates for political office, to influence legislation, or to support sectarian or religious purposes.