Welcome to the WHH Foundation. Website graphics excerpted from paintings by Sarah Hurt.We are a family foundation founded in Los Angeles, California, in June 1961, known then as William H. Hurt Charities, Inc. Over the years the family has settled throughout the U.S; we make grants in those states where members of our Board reside.

Life’s been incredibly good to me and it started long ago. First, I was born in Los Angeles just when it was about to become a genuine egalitarian meritocracy; one so open to folks from all over the World that it’s become a functioning example of how people of disparate backgrounds can live, work and create together. To maneuver in this city I had the good fortune to have a loving supportive extended family and an education that most in the World would die for. And then I began a career that fit me uniquely well and was enormously rewarding. With all that good luck by 1961 I decided it was time to begin payback and formed what is now the WHH Foundation.

--Bill Hurt